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Antara Records will offer music and related works that encourage the listener to engage or awaken to his or her own life as opposed to being a springboard for distraction or mindless entertainment. While we will release a dynamic collection of styles and influences, we will choose our offerings selectively with the hope that a certain type of person will enjoy and benefit from much of the work that we offer. In a time when money absolutely influences modern music, we will operate within different values; while music is often limited to a mere capitalistic vehicle, we must remember its spiritual place in our society. Antara Records will do its part, however small or large, to help "turn the ship around."
Antara Records is not organized like a typical record label. The standard recording contract between most labels and their artists is so unfair to the artists that attorneys involved in other industries have been known to drop their jaws in disbelief upon reading their first music recording contract. The industry has evolved in this direction due to the unfortunate reality that many artists are desperately seeking the opportunities and status associated with signing to a major label. Within this desperation, most artists in this industry are flat out taken advantage of. We operate our label very differently. Organized under the premise of a cooperative label, Antara Records distributes all of its profits back into the label, mainly in the form of cooperative marketing and promotion. In this way, every Antara Records CD sale is furthering the outreach and exposure of the entire Antara Records artist community.
Antara Records relies on word of mouth. Gaining the attention of the music buying public is an extremely difficult and competitive task and while we cannot afford full page Rolling Stone advertisements, we hope that people like yourself will find our music to be a special and exciting exception to popular music. This is where you come in; if you believe in this music and the vision behind it, please spread the word. On that note, we ask that you refrain from making CD-R copies of Antara Records music. As an alternative, simply direct your friends to this website where they can buy their own copy. This way everyone will benefit from the pretty artwork, which is an integral part of the work, and feel good inside knowing that you are contributing to a good cause. Thanks for supporting independent music.